Not your average webdesign.

Do you want to have a website that stands out from the crowd? Does your digital presence need an update?

With us you are in the right place! We develop an individual concept together with you and take care of the necessary development steps. With experience from our past projects, we can assure you of a successful website with working, custom functionalities, good user experience and a stunning design.

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Our offers

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Whether a new start or a redesign. Together with you, we develop an individual website to turn visitors into paying customers.

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Corp. Identity

Develop an individual corporate identity for a unique appearance. We offer typography, logo and color design, and document template creation.

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We develop a modern and individual online store that sells your product. Turn your website into an automated E-commerce platform.

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Image editing

For advertisement campaigns, website decoration or private purposes, AI technology and professional software are used for image sharpening, color correction and retouching.

Our approach

01   Analysis

In our free initial consultation, we analyze your current situation and answer the questions you have: Where do you want to go and how can we help?

With the help of in-depth consulting, we put together a customized offer for your needs. Through open communication, we find a goal together.

02   Consulting

03   Concept

We create the first draft of your website. In this step, the design, layout as well as the goals can be adjusted once again, based on your opinion.

During the development phase, we incorporate the pre-determined viable strategy for sustainable success in the digital world.

04   Development

05   Follow up

After the final touches of the project, we offer support about any concerns. If you wish, we are open to work continuously on improvements.


Regardless if you are starting from scratch or in need of a redesign, together with you, we create an individually designed website to turn visitors into paying customers.

A functional, contemporary website is an essential for any business these days. We help you to convert website users into paying customers . Our websites are created according to the latest user experience standards, preventing bad experiences and letting your website become the highlight of search results.

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We create your website according to your ideas and tailored to your target audience.

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We ensure that all website functionalities operate smoothly on all devices.

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Outstanding UI/UX design solutions through interactive and user-centric design. In-time and in-budget.

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Being found online is the cornerstone for success on the Internet. With the right SEO you will stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Identity

Individual. Outstanding. Memorable.

For a successful appearance, every business needs to have a clear corporate identity. At 360MediaHome, we work with you to develop a strategy for optimally placing your brand in the minds of your customers. In the case of a new concept or redesign, we stand by your side by creating customized and sophisticated solutions for you. We develop a defined link between graphic design and the values of your company. We increase your recognition value - starting with the target audience analysis, up to the implementation of the finished brand appearance.

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Brand Design

Creating a successful brand image is no simple matter. With strong recognition values, you stay in the mind of your customers.

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Logo Design

We design  the right logo for you that reflects the corporate identity of your company and immediately creates trust.

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Create a dedicated and enthusiastic community around your brand. Encourage your customers to resonate with your business.


In an online store, everything has to run  smoothly. We create an unparalleled design for you, create a hurdle-free shopping experience and take care of all the details like usability and optimization on all mobile devices.

An online store is much more than just a website these days. An online store is the digital equivalent of your physical store. Make it seem that way, too. To thrive in this highly competitive market, you need customer knowledge, IT skills and the know-how about current sales tools. We have got you covered for all of them.

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Webshop development

We create a frictionless funnel for your customers. Interactive, individual, at fair prices and in time. We are your service.

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Increase conversion rate

We analyze and optimize every step your users take to ensure higher conversion rates. This, combined with fast loading speeds turns every visitor into a customer!

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Being found online is a difficult task. With perfect keyword optimization & marketing strategies we will bring you to the top of search results.

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We develop your web shop in such a way that your customers are guided smoothly from the landing page to the completion of the purchase.

Image editing

In addition to web design, corporate design and online stores, we also specialize in post image enhancement. Images are an essential part of any website as well as social media marketing, therefore optimizing the images you have is a simple way to improve your online presence. We offer complete solutions for all needs - from simple retouching to color correction and  AI image optimization. Our offer is aimed at individuals, agencies and companies who want to get the most out of their images.


If you  have  the almost perfect picture, but there is still something about it that bothers you, we are here to make vital improvements to the image.


Thanks to the latest AI technologies, we can upscale the resolution of images without losing quality. This results in a higher resolution image with incredible sharpness.

Color correction

Using the latest software and know-how, we can make final corrections and get the best color out of your image. Change or enhance the colors of your image to make a lasting impression.


Web Design

Strategy & Consulting

Website development



from ‎€ 890,-

from € 250,- monthly

Corporate Design

Brand Identity

Logo development

Business cards

from ‎€ 300,-

from ‎€ 290,-

from ‎€ 140,-


Webshop development

Search Engine Optimization


from ‎€ 1290,-

from ‎€ 250,-

from € 400,- monthly

Image editing

Image retouching

AI image optimization

Color correction

from ‎€ 50,-

from € 40,- per image

from € 20,- pro image


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